The project partners investigate different aspects and emphases of SECOS.The project management is given by Prof. Dr. U. Bathmann and his IOW secretariat.

organizational structure

The organizational structure of SECOS is presented in Fig. 3. Two scientists will lead each of the four workpackages (WP1: Arz, Zettler; WP2 Graf, Pollehne; WP3 Neumann, Schmitz; WP 4 Hirschfeld, Schernewski) ensuring information flow within and between WP´s. The coordinator, all WP leaders and representatives from the project stakeholders (ministry-BMBF, agencies, etc) will ensure continuous communication for the entire duration of the project using existing platforms and meetings, where possible to ensure user oriented work throughout the duration of the project. One project meeting per year with all participants will discuss results, project workflow, timeline to reach the milestones, and progress towards finalising the deliverables. The project-PostDoc will ensure proper transfer of data and knowledge between the WP´s and thus, assure synchronisation of the workflow between the WP´s and output in time. All PhD´s and PostDoc within the project will be involved in summer school activities