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CoTrans: KüNO Umbrella project – Coordination and transfer

Short description

The overarching goal of the KüNO umbrella project "Coordination and Transfer" is to support coherent trans- and interdisciplinary coastal research in Germany. In detail, the KüNO umbrella project aims to support the funded KüNO research projects in networking, synthesis and transfer of results to stakeholders, society and policy makers. It also ensures the availability of open access data and supports the training and recruitment of young scientists. The KüNO umbrella project is divided into four work packages: 'WP 1 - Coordination', which coordinates the collaboration within the KüNO consortium and supports its national and international networking and the integration of knowledge and stakeholder needs. 'WP 2 - Synthesis and Transfer', which synthesizes and processes the KüNO results in a target group specific way and communicates them to stakeholders, society and policy makers. 'WP 3 - Data Management', which supports the continued availability and open access of research data to scientists and users and contributes to communication between databases. Support for young scientists is provided in WP 4 and is achieved through career workshops and a summer school on "Coasts in Transition". Bridges between disciplines will be built and career options in scientific institutions as well as offices and authorities will be shown. Overall, the KüNO umbrella project will contribute in the long term to the social anchoring of a sustainable use of coastal regions in global change through the developed communication infrastructure.

Funding period:

 11/2020 - 10/2023


Coordinator: Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW)

Project partner: North German Coastal and Climate Office, Helmholtz-Zentrum hereon

   assoziiert: German Marine Research Consortium (KDM)

Webseite: deutsche-kuestenforschung.de